WTF is Ad Drunk?

Short answer: A creative advertising blog for mobile marketers

Hi, I'm Dillon Becker, an advertising creative director in San Francisco, CA. I've worked with brands like Kabam, Machine Zone, Nike, Ubisoft, Tencent Games, Storm8, G5, and more. Ad Drunk is where I share my ideas and insights.

A few disclaimers (just in case):

  • I'm currently employed full-time as the Art Director leading Kabam's UA Creative team. The opinions and views shared on Ad Drunk are 100% mine and in no way reflect Kabam or any other company I've been employed by.
  • All of the data shared on Ad Drunk comes from campaigns I've funded and operated myself (unless otherwise stated). I do NOT use/share data from any of my current or former employers, clients, or partners.
  • Any real ad examples featured on this blog are for analytical and/or critical purposes and were acquired by public means. These ads are NOT sponsored placements (unless otherwise stated).
  • I mention a lot of third-party tools, services, apps, websites, and other useful resources here. These mentions are NOT sponsored placements (unless otherwise stated).

This blog sometimes uses examples of real ads for analysis and critique. This usage is protected under Section 107 of the US Copyright Act (Fair Use). That said, I'm happy to remove any copyrighted material by request. Just shoot me an email at hello[at] with the URL(s) where your content is featured.

Data Usage

Ad Drunk utilizes Google Analytics, Hotjar, and MailChimp tags. I rely on GA and Hotjar for general website analytics and visitor behavior. I use MailChimp for my email platform (the tag is for the embedded subscribe form). There are no ads or ad pixels on Ad Drunk 🍻